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Adobe Premiere FireWire DV device control Adobe Premiere FireWire DV device control 1.3
Adobe Premiere FireWire DV device control is a beta plug-in for Premiere 5.
IRCommand2 IRCommand2 5.6.4
IRCommand2 - IR remote control software for the PC - now with X10 support!
BetterSound BetterSound 1.1.1
BetterSound is an audio preference panel, offering some extra features in sound control management.
NCD Command Tool for dos NCD Command Tool for dos 1.0
The NCD.EXE allows you to control NCD products directly from a command line
RemoteDeviceExplorer RemoteDeviceExplorer 1.3.3
Displays device information installed on remote network computers.
Xtrol Xtrol 1.0a
Xtrol is a Konfabulator widget that allows control of a single X-10 enabled device by talking to Indigo home automation software.
Griffin PowerWave Control Griffin PowerWave Control 0.5
Griffin PowerWave Control is not required for PowerWave to function.
NCD Device Development Lib NCD Device Development Lib 1.0
NCD relay controllers offer computer control from the RS-232 serial port
N-Button Lite N-Button Lite
Creates widgets to control devices without any programming.
BluetoothLogView BluetoothLogView 1.12
Creates a log of Bluetooth activity in your area.

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