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CopyPath Contextual Menu Plugin CopyPath Contextual Menu Plugin 1.0
CopyPath is a Mac OS X Contextual Menu Plugin to copy the full path/URL of file(s) selected in the Finder to the clipboard.
Get-Set Comments Get-Set Comments 1.0
Get-Set Comments is an AppleScript that enables you to view and edit comments via contextual menu.
FilePathCM FilePathCM 1.0
FilePathCM is a contextual menu item for copying the path of a file or folder to the clipboard.
DeskPicChangerCMPlugin DeskPicChangerCMPlugin 2.1
DeskPicChangerCMPlugin is a contextual menu plugin for setting the Desktop picture to the selected image file.
Contextual Menu Plugin Reload X Contextual Menu Plugin Reload X 1.0
Contextual Menu Plugin Reload X is an AppleScript application that simply quits the Finder then re-launches it to cause Contextual Menu Plugins to automatically reload so you don't need to log out then log back in for new ones to show up.
Terminal Here Plugin Terminal Here Plugin 0.9
Terminal Here Plugin provides a Contextual Menu Module for the Finder in OS X.
FilePathToClipCMPlugin FilePathToClipCMPlugin 2.1
FilePathToClipCMPlugin is a contextual menu plugin that can generate a text representation of the path to a file/folder and place it on the Clipboard.
NuFile NuFile 1.9
NuFile is a contextual menu plugin.
LaunchAppPlugin LaunchAppPlugin 1.1
LaunchAppPlugin is a simple contextual menu that lets you launch an application in one of its language without having to switch the language in the system preferences.
GrimRipperCM GrimRipperCM 1.4.1
GrimRipperCM is a contextual menu plugin for deleting the resource fork of a file.

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