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NetCompConnector NetCompConnector 1.2
To faster response of computer condition in LAN (using ping) & access to them.
SeattleTraffic SeattleTraffic 1.0
SeattleTraffic is a widget that cycles through the Washington State DOT’s four traffic condition maps.
Analyzer Recording Analyzer Recording
AVI recorder, capturing an image from any window, recording under condition
QueueSyncMail QueueSyncMail 2.0.6
This software is Conduit which does HotSync with Palm and MicroSoft Entourage.
HTML-Optimizer Pro X HTML-Optimizer Pro X 4.7
HTML-Optimizer Pro is a useful tool for anyone who manages one or more web sites and wants to make sure that his or her sites are always in top condition.
QuickSherlock QuickSherlock 1.0
QuickSherlock is an AppleScript droplet which tells Sherlock 2 to search dropped folders with criteria selected from list dialog, where criteria should be placed at the folder you specify at the first launch.
1DMaps 1DMaps 1.4
Explore the dynamics and chaos in one-dimensional dynamical systems.
Apple Intel firmware restore Apple Intel firmware restore 1.1
This update is used to restore the firmware of an Intel-based iMac (early & mid 2006), Mac mini (early 2006), MacBook Pro (early 2006), Mac Book (early 2006), or Mac Pro (mid 2006) to original factory condition.
HealthEngage Diabetes Multimedia Edition HealthEngage Diabetes Multimedia Edition 3.8
HealthEngage Diabetes Multimedia Edition is designed as a "one-stop" tool for Type I or Type II diabetics, from education to diabetes tracking to lifestyle management.
Classic Stumbler Classic Stumbler 1.6