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This program is designed for use by contractors, and other workers who need to track the time they spend working.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3817K
Developer: Dave Taubler
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Updated: 18 Aug 2006
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This program is designed for use by contractors, and other workers who need to track the time they spend working. The program presumes that there might be any number of projects or clients (referred to by the program as activities) that the user will need to track.

These activities might include various billable projects, as well as non-billable activities. The program also presumes that the user will be "off the clock"; that is, not performing trackable work 24/7. The program lets these contractors easily track these activities. In this case, a work activity means simply that the contractor has begun billable work, has begun non-billable work, or is off the clock. The program also allows contractors to track activities for multiple clients or projects.

ClokBox is a central part of the TimeSuite time management system.

This system is designed for use by organizations that need to track the time spent working by their employees/contractors/etc. Each individual employee/contractor (we'll call this person a "worker") tracks his or her time with their own TimeBox instance. One member of the team, typically a project manager or program leader, will run an instance of the ClokBox application. Each worker can then periodically submit his or her time to the ClokBox instance.

Here are some key features of "ClokBox":
built-in Web server
The ClokBox application ships with its own Web server... built right in! So installation and setup is a snap. No system administrator experience required!
Advanced Reporting
Produce full-color bar charts and pie-charts, or spreadsheet reports that are easily importable into your favorite database applications, straight from you ClokBox application. Reports are fully customizable, allowing you to calculate data from any or all of your projects and users.
Easy User Administration
Quickly add new users to your ClokBox instance with ClokBox's intuitive users panel.
Easy Backup Features
Concerned about losing your data? Then let ClokBox's backup features help you make quick backups of all of your data. Need to switch computers? Use the backup features to easily move your ClokBox data from one computer to another.

What's New:
Ability to create and print custom layouts for invoices.

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